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Manage customer leads with customer intake records

Manage customer communication... whether a customer calls, emails, or fills out a form on your website, use Trade Service Pro to track your customer intake.

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Record custom data using

Intake Forms

Create your own custom forms to capture customer intake data tailored specific to your field service (or home service) business needs.

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What type of ad money is working

Know Your Ad Sources

Always ask your customers how they heard about you and track that information using customer intake. Then use the intake ad source report to see how various ad sources trend over time.

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Where is your ad money working

Know Your Customer Demographics

Use the customer intake by city report to understand what demographic your customers are coming from. Run ads in certain areas and use this report to see how that maps to customer leads for your field service business.

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Get the right person to the job

Assign Intake to Employees

Assign intake to the appropriate employees so that estimates get done faster, customer follow-up happens faster, and customer complaints are handled quickly.

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