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Server Backups

You're only as good as your last backup. No truer words have been spoken. All of our servers are backed up daily. We perform full backups the first of every month and incremental backups daily. In the unlikely event of a server failure, we are able to either restore that server from a backup or deploy a new server in 7 minutes and restore a backup to that new server.

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Databases Backups

The data you create in Trade Service Pro becomes the backbone of your business operations. It contains all of the customer information, your job data, proposals, invoices, images and files you upload, and everything else you enter into Trade Service Pro.

Maintaining that data and the ability to restore it (in the unlikely event of a system failure) is something we take very seriously. The database that stores all of your data is backed up hourly. This means that in the extremely unlikely event of a database failure, the potential data loss is limited to one hour.

Non-secure Web Traffic is Blocked

Our servers block all non-secure traffic. All data is transferred between our servers and your devices 100% encrypted, 100% of the time.

So, what exactly does that mean? If a website URL/address starts with HTTP that means, it does not use encryption to protect the data sent between the server and your web browser. If a website URL/address starts with HTTPS that means it does use encryption and all the information sent between the server and your web browser is unreadable by anyone that might try to intercept that data. After all, any data sent between your web browser and a web server goes over the public internet, so it's important to make sure your data is secure.

Password Security

Passwords are stored in our database using one-way encryption. This means your password cannot be decrypted. If you’re wondering how we verify your password when you login: we encrypt the password, you enter when logging in and compare that encrypted value with the encrypted value in our database to see if those values match.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is processed safely and securely by Stripe, one of the leading credit card processing companies. All credit card data is processed safely and securely by Stripe. Trade Service Pro does not store credit card information and does not have access to your bank account. Your bank account information is safe and secure with Stripe.

  • Stripe processes over 250 million requests per day.
  • Stripe has a 99.999% historical uptime.
  • Over 90% of adults have bought from a business that uses Stripe.

All this means that you can safely and reliably offer the convenience of accepting credit cards and get paid faster using Trade Service Pro and Stripe.

User Accounts

Trade Service Pro user accounts provide many levels of security to help protect your access to the software as well as to control what different types of users can, and can't do, within Trade Service Pro.

  • A user account can only be logged into Trade Service Pro on one device at a time.
  • All logins and their device and IP are logged.
  • Trade Service Pro offers user role management. Meaning you can create different types of roles that you can assign to different types of users. For example, someone in the back-office might have more access to features than a field-tech.