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Adding Photos to Proposals and Invoices

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You asked, we listened. By popular demand, you can now add photos to proposals or invoices! Very exciting, we know.

Why is this helpful?

This can be helpful for a few reasons! Let’s say you’re a tree service company and go out for an estimate. You can take photos of the trees and attach them to the estimate so the client fully understands and can see which trees are being discussed. Or maybe you’re a Pool Service company and want to add before and after photos of the pool cleaning job you just performed onto the final invoice. Another example would be a plumbing or HVAC company doing work for a property management group that need to include photos of work performed on an invoice.

By adding photos to a proposal or adding photos to an invoice you improve the communication between your company and your customers, providing them clear photo evidence of work to be done, or work that has been completed.

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How do I use it?

First, upload the image(s) you want to a job. You can add as many images as you want. Using your mobile phone you can take images at the job site and immediately upload them to the job.

uploading images to a job

Then, when you create a proposal or an invoice from the job, click the image tab at the top of the create proposal or create invoice modal. Then simply select the images you want to add to the proposal or invoice. The photos will then be added onto the proposal or invoice as additional pages. As always, you can download this invoice as a PDF, send it electronically via email right from TSP, send it for ePay through TSP, or print it and send it by mail!

adding images to an invoice

When do I use it?

Whenever you want. It’s optional. Some businesses like to use photos all the time for proposals to show work to be done, or to invoices to show work that has been completed. Having a final photo of a finished job leaves less room for discrepancies. Adding a before and after photo can also be helpful for the client to see all the work that’s been completed. For proposals and estimates, you can take photos with your phone and draw or mark them up with circles/arrows/text before adding to TSP. This would allow your customers to better understand the work you’re suggesting. It can be easier to see a project come to life with mock-up photos.

So, now you have the ability to add photos to an invoice or proposal! Do you have to? Heck no. But the option is always there if you want to, and it can improve your communication with your customers.